Android Oreo Go – Lightweight Edition OS For Low-End Phones

Google has launched Android Oreo Go, a faster and optimised OS for entry-level smartphones. This edition of OS is designed for devices with RAM upto 1 GB with better organization of storage space and 30% faster startup.

The Go edition is loaded with many good features like data saver, better storage, apps taking less space making the overall experience good with better performance. The OS comes with it’s own set of Apps redesigned specifically for the entry-level phones. These Apps include Google Assistant Go, Google Go, Gboard, Files Go where the users can search the web or share any content with friends without affecting much of the data.

The Google Go App is going to be 5MB before installation which is eight times less than Google app on regular smartphones. Also the Google Play Store App has been re-designed which is usually very resource intensive. This will help the users to identify the Apps which will slow down their smartphones.

Android Oreo Go will be available on new budget smartphones from early 2018.

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