Andhra Pradesh Is Buying Google’s Wireless Internet Technology

Soon Andhra Pradesh will have high-speed wireless internet powered by Google’s X research division. This technology will be 100% wireless without having to lay cables in this state.

The plan for this setup gives an idea that there are going to be 2,000 boxes installed as far as 20 kilometers (12 miles) apart on posts and roofs to bring a fast internet connection to populated areas. This will make it easier for user to access the Wi-Fi connectivity via cellphone towers and Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s a free space optical technology, which will transmit data through light beams at up to 20 gigabits per second between the rooftop boxes.

Google said that this step is very significant for them to increase their business in the developing countries like India. The future holds a wide space for this technology and Google is not leaving a chance to progress forward. Andhra Pradesh has nearly 15 million high-speed internet subscribers and this technology aims to connect an additional 12 million households by 2019.

Meanwhile, the X research division is busy in overcoming the obstacles involved in this technology and will be updating on further advancements.

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