YouTube Go Now Available In India

Google had announced earlier in April the launch of YouTube Go beta App in India. It is very similar to YouTube, just that it can work on poor internet connections and lower data speeds. This app is basically aimed for developing countries where majority of the people have limited internet connection.

YouTube Go as of now is available on Google Play Store but in beta phase. The App page mentions that “This is an unreleased version. It may be unstable.”  The users can download it and use it right away but it can be unstable. The official version of the App is gradually rolling out and even if you haven’t recieved it yet it will be available over a period of time.

Once you download the App, you see the home button and the downloads button at the bottom below the videos. When you click on a video, you get a few options on how many MB’s you want to use to play the video and you also get to download the video. You can also share your downloaded offline videos with anyone with just a tap. Currently, YouTube Go is not available on iOS and we shall have to wait for the official word from Google. So follow us and  stay tuned for further updates.

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