New Update – Google Assistant Can Now Detect Songs For You

Whenever you come across a song whose name you can’t remember or any song you like hearing on the Radio or at any of your favorite Cafe, you instantly want to find out the songs’s name either by asking someone nearby or just opening up your phone  and using song recogntion Apps.

Google has made it easier for you by adding this new song recognition feature in Google Assistant. Now you can straight away ask the Assistant like ‘Which song is playing?’ or ‘What’s the name of this song?’ and the Assistant flashes a card with the name of the song,the artist, lyrics and links to Youtube , Google Play and Spotify.

Google has made this feature along the lines of  Apps like Shazam, SoundHound, etc where it wants it’s users to able to find that amazing song in seconds and share that song with their friends/family easily. Apparently, this feature is readily available in Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 phones but it usually takes a minute to display the song’s details.


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