Technologies Driving The Online Casinos Today

The kind of surge that’s been witnessed in the digital technologies over the past one decade has been nothing short of phenomenal. From the fact that almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, to the rapidly growing popularity of tablet PCs and other mobile, Internet-ready gadgets, the shift has been constantly drifting away from the conventional land-based casinos to the fully online kinds. Going by the estimates, the online gambling industry would have grown to a massive $ 100 billion-industry by the end of 2017, offering its services to more than 164 million people throughout the world!

How do you think the technology is going to adapt to such massive growth? Some of the key features that people constantly look for while signing up for these online casino and bookmaking platforms are a good user interface, ease of usage, convenience and integration. Popular and reputed online casino platforms such as Montreal online casino and others that offer a wide range of gambling services to their users are the reason why online medium has become so popular among the gambling enthusiasts. These entities are the ones that are spearheading this revolution and offering their clients top-end gambling services, stitching their offerings around people’s busy lifestyles and growing needs.

Let’s find out how online casinos are using the modern-day technologies to meet the growing demand of online gamblers.

Complex and efficient software

Although the end users might not give a lot of thought to the software that goes behind creation of their favourite online slots or poker games, there’s plenty of magic that happens behind the scenes.

Majority of the coding of these gaming software happens in C++ programming language.

The digital technologies that are used in creation of these online casino games are fairly complex to say the least. The people implementing them put a lot of work on new-age graphics, impressive sound effects and their overall workings.




A wide range of computer programs and methods are used to make the present day online casino games appear like they do. Any average online casino you visit today would be using programs like Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya etc. in the background to bring those on-screen effects that everyone enjoys.

It’s the combination of all such tools and the final products that are created with them that lays the visual foundation of casino games of today.

Data resources

Creation and smooth running of an online casino would be impossible without humongous amounts of data that must be stored at a safe and secure location, where it can be accessed quickly and easily. These data types include every bit of data that’s used in the game software as well as the data related to the client details. iGaming industry of today uses mega servers and mega hard drives for these operations. Third party data centres also come in good use and are becoming increasingly popular among these casino establishments.


These were just a few technological aspects that define the online casino industry of today. Carry out some research on the Internet and you’d learn more on how technology is rapidly changing and shaping-up the gambling industry of today. Here’s a piece on how tech industry is all focused on gambling and online casinos of the future.