Soon You Can See Restaurant Wait Time On Google Maps In India

Google is coming up with a new feature on Google Maps to show you the time the you need to wait at a restaurant. While this feature seems to be already available in Google Search, users can get a fair idea before deciding where to go based on Google’s estimation.

Google wants to link up with as many restaurants as possible in India so that they can deliver prompt waiting times for all users. It’s a gradual process but they say they will eventually get there. As of now,¬† users need to search for their restaurant on Google Search and then select the restaurant and click on popular times section to see the restaurant rush at the specified times.¬†Then they need to select the hours bar to get the estimated time for that time period.

You can also see the summary of wait time on all restaurants around you for the day and accordingly plan your visit the next day. Google’s estimation algorithm is based on anonymous historical information which is similar to previous feature like Visit Duration.

Google Maps will have this feature soon in India and Google sees this as a great opportunity to connect with the Indian consumers on a broader level.

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