Reserve And Pickup iPhone X In Select Countries

iPhone XApple has decided to launch reserve and pickup system in select countries for iPhone X on Saturday, November 4th. iPhone X will go on sale from November 3rd, where users can choose to reserve their iPhone X on the next day. Apple said it will give this option to customers in the following countries where the system will be launched at 6 AM in Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom and at 8 AM in Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland and UAE.

This system will help the customers to not miss out on the iPhone X and once they reserve, they have the option to also select a time period and go in the store to pick it up. The pickup and reserve system is a great option for customers living outside the united states who can get their iPhone X reserved without waiting in long queues at the apple store. However the buyers in the United states will have to wait a bit longer to avail this system.

They have warned that buyers will have to arrive early to get their hands on the iPhone X from their retail stores. Are you buying the iPhone X? Let us know down in the comments.

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