Pixel 2 Buzzing Noise Fix Coming Up In The Next Google Update


Google Pixel 2 is probably the best phone available in the market right now with amazing features in terms of display, design, hardware and software. Users of Google Pixel 2 recently had problems with some kind of buzzing noise during calls. This quickly grabbed Google’s attention and they have promised users to fix the problem soon.

Many users on social media complained that they could hear a faint buzzing sound when they placed the phone near their ears, and this pretty much interfered with their work and they had to find other ways to make phone calls. Earlier this year some users had reported of clicking and high pitched sounds in their Google Pixel 2 phones for which Google had rolled out the fix earlier this month and the problem was eventually solved.

So users will have to wait until the next update for the fix, Google also said that a few changes and improvements in the UI are on the way.

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