Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest Review

multiverse logoI have always enjoyed playing card games which are adventurous, thrilling and which has many well-placed strategies to make your opponent fall on your knees. This being said, there have been a few games which I didn’t enjoy in terms of playability and the number of players involved which is usually limited to one per side in any board game. Recently I came across this game called Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest which incredibly involves two-player as well as multiple player feature where players can play across the entire area called the Universe. It’s really fun to play considering the wide array of strategies that are on offer.

Green planetIt’s basically is a Space themed card game involving planets, galaxies, spaceships and other stuff. There are two ways to win this game and either of them is applicable based on your best strategy. One is to conquer your opponent’s home planet and the other is to conquer more than half of the galaxy. You start with a single planet and go on conquering other planets as you explore the galaxy. This makes the gameplay more vibrant with a lot of twists, turns and on the spot decisions.

The board in this game called the galaxy is different in every game so players won’t know what to expect next. This keeps the thrill alive and maintains high level of excitment. Next is the Resource cards which are separate from the deck of 10 cards that you draw on each turn. The resource cards help you to play your units, ships and action cards. This makes it easier for the player to progress ahead conquering more planets from their home base.Action

Considering the appearance and design , this game is very professional looking with cleaner appearance than many of it’s competitiors. The graphics feel very realistic and gives you the experience of actually playing the game live . It’s an open world game with good design developments and looks very promising as far as the gameplay and strategies are concerned.

My final verdict– This game is very fresh in the space adventure genre which usually involves a lot of experimentation with the gameplay and different characters. The best part is the different concept designs of alien races, spaceships, robots and battle-ships which keeps you engaged and motivated for hours while you conquer your way through the Universe.

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