Become The Lord Of Pipes In Pipe Lord – A New Game By Ancient Games

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In a world full of mind-boggling and challenging games in the App Store, here comes a game which will keep you engaged on your phone for hours. Pipe Lord by Ancient Games is their  new offering to the avid phone gamers who are looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. We all must have played many running games, making our way through obstacles and eventually clearing the level. This game is similar but it has a lot more to offer. It is insanely action packed with fast gameplay and easy to tough challenges you will fall in love with. We will see all the features and different game landscapes that this game has  and also whether the game is better than the other games in the same genre of adventure and action.

I bet you will get addicted to this game once you start playing, the gameplay has got the ability to grab all your attention and focus. You will be amazed by how good this game is once you get hooked on it.

This app is currently available on iOS.

Features and Content:

02_levelsThis game is simple to start off once you install it from the App Store. The home screen shows you to start from basic levels and game modes and eventually progressing to higher levels once you continue playing the game. There are over 40 levels which are very challenging with 3 unique game worlds which test your ability to face difficulty and also you have over 30 in-game characters to select from which will be unlocked once you cross the levels. You have so many options to play this game which is never seen so often.

Design and Appearance:

The game design is amazing with great graphics on each level. You have to jump, slide and collect coins on the way getting past many wooden and stone barriers and also flame throwers which is pretty cool stuff.  I like how the graphics change with every game mode, giving it that variation and making it much exciting for the gamer. The look of this game is old-school arcade-ish, still it feels very fresh and appealing to the modern gamers and keeps you in the loop for more fun. The designs are minimalistic with more of a user friendly approach making the user involved in every aspect of the game.



This game is very much like Super Mario, with more features and game modes that you can play.  It’s an exciting release by Ancient Games which is really worth playing. If it is the enthralling adventure and action that you seek in your games, do give this game a try and be amazed.

You can download it for iOS from here.

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