Indians Fans Disappointed After iPhone X Sold Out

Much to excitment of iPhone X sales launch on 3rd November, the Indian fans possibly wanted to grab their hands on one quickly. But the phone was sold out within minutes at the Airtel online store. Fans were hugely diassapointed and they blamed Apple for not having enough stocks.

It’s hard to say if the stocks are less due to the very high demand or limited supply of iPhone X. People who had pre-ordered the phone were lucky enough to get their phones but those who didn’t were left cursing Apple for not living up to their expectations.

Even people standing in long queues at the retail stores were left stranded as the iPhone X was sold out in minutes and they really didn’t have a clue as to what went wrong. Spokesperson from the corporate sector said that its foolish to see people waiting in lines in India as Apple has provided with only 15-20 units in retail store and also online sellers.

The phone was also sold out in no time on Flipkart and Amazon online stores. However, Apple has yet to clarify on this whether the unhappy Indian fans will have to wait longer or will they have a chance to get their iPhone X sooner.

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