Google Maps Hits The Refresh Button- New Look And Color

The new update on Google Maps will give you an entirely new experience in terms of appearance and design. Google has come up with this change to give the users more freedom and flexibility to get around their daily tasks whether it is finding a coffee shop or get to your nearest subway in a better and refreshed way.

This new look comes with better color schemes and location identifiers. There are different colors for every destination and designated icons for places like church, museum and hospital. So if you decide to go for food and drinks, the color is Orange and Blue color for shopping and so on. This makes it easier for users to point out their location of interest for eg. like an fuel station or a food outlet,etc. This update brings many changes in  Transit, Driving, Navigation and Explore sections giving users the ease to navigate and view their destinations and put them in a better position to make their decisions. Google also plans to integrate Google Maps with Gmail and Calender so the the users can see their scheduled activities and other important stuff on Maps.


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