Google Poly – Game Developers Can Build 3D Models – Entering Into VR

Google has launched a new platform for game developers called Poly. It makes it easier for users to browse 3D objects at a single place. The company said that it wants to make the job of creators easier by giving them access to basic 3D models and allowing users to step into the Virtual Reality space within the phone’s field of view.

Poly is Google’s mission to organize all 3D information and create a space for the user to browse 3D objects that were created in Tilt Brush and Blocks which are company’s Virtual Reality products. So users can experience these objects in VR and phone-based VR platforms.

Google right now is focused on offering freebies on this app rather than the creators who want to make cash with their 3D objects. Poly serves a good resource for Google’s virtual reality platforms like Daydream which is resource intensive and will work more efficiently with simpler objects.

This step brings more opportunities for game developers and users alike, making it easier to get their hands on simple 3D objects and gives the community a better resource to work on. 3D design is the way of the future with major importance in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Also the app is suitable for 3D printing where creators can customize and print their objects with any printer that supports the format.

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