Datally – The New Standalone App From Google Which Saves Data

Considering the day-to day usage of smartphone, data is one such thing which helps you watch your favorite videos, listen to music, search the web seamlessly among many other things. You really need to hang in tight to save your data before it runs out. Google’s Datally helps you exactly with that. It manages your data usage and gives you instant statistics on which Apps are using how much data enabling you to restrict the background data usage.

The features that Datally offers are already built-in under settings on your Android phone, but it’s helpful for people who would like to use a separate App which shows your data usage and gives you total control of your phone. Once you open the App, you get to see the daily data usage, data saver setup, manage data option and find Wi-Fi option. You can turn on the data saver option which basically turns of all the background data and only uses data for the current App on the screen. Though restricting backgound data can obliterate your overall phone experience as not only will apps not refresh content in the background, but apps won’t send you push notifications either. So it’s upto the users to decide if they want to go ahead with that.

The Wi-Fi option shows all the nearby Wi-Fi spots you can connect to thereby restricting data usage based on your App activity. Datally only takes up 6Mb of your phone storage which is why it is being released as part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative, which is focused on making Google products more usable in countries that have limited mobile connections and where data usage is unusually controlled with Airplane mode.

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