Cold Weather Is Making iPhone X Screen Unresponsive

iPhone X users in India couldn’t figure as to what happened suddenly to their phone’s screen recently, and this reportedly came from users residing in cold weather areas. The screen became unresponsive and┬áthe users were in shock. Apple took notice of this incident and said that a new update is probably coming soon which will fix this issue.

An iPhone X user shared his plight on social media saying his phone becomes unresponsive to touch once he steps his foot outdoors and he can’t scroll through the websites that he has opened in his browser and asked if anyone else is also facing this problem. Many other reports started following up on Facebook and Twitter where majority of the complaints came from cold weather areas. This grabbed Apple’s attention and they have said they will fix the issue sooner.

Considering the temperature specifications of iPhone X, Apple said that it always designs the phone for optimized performance and one should use it where the ambient temperature is between 0-degrees and 35-degrees Celcius, using it in temperatures below or above┬áthe specifications can cause the phone to be unresponsive and the phone can shut down owing to poor battery life and eventually damaging it’s battery life.

iPhone users will have to wait for the update-fix as of now and one will know about this update only in the coming days.

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