China Is Helping Apple Grow

Apple is reportedly having sales growth in China. The sales have reached $9.8 billion for the quarter which include Taiwan and Hong Kong, 11.5% increase from the same period almost a year ago. All the Apple products including the Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone soared an all time high for Mac sales in China. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the turnaround in China is beacuse of the strong sales of all Apple products.

The sales are now getting better with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The users in China are responding better to these new products including iPhone X . One of the research firm claims that the iPhone sales for this quarter has exceeded the number of iPhone 7 sales last year in the same time-frame. Also considering the price of iPhone X, the revenue in China might shoot up even more in the coming months. Though analysts say that the popularity of Apple products in China maybe short term as there are supply constraints.

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