3 Reasons Macbook Users Are So Loyal

apple-macbook-pro-touch-bar-15-inch-2017-4201People who do not use Apple products see the brand as a bit of a cult. Steve Jobs cultivated this aura of perfection around their products, and fans have never stopped believing that it’s the best in the world, even when other companies have caught up.However, when you look at Apple products objectively, you see that it’s not just a cult. There are those who don’t like certain facets of the Apple experience, and that’s understandable. But their products stand up to scrutiny.

To help you understand why, here are 3 reasons Macbook users are so loyal.

1. Security

This is a controversial point but I’m going to use it anyway because I honestly believe it. A Macbook is more secure than any laptop out there. You don’t need to install third party antivirus software. As long as you keep the OS updated, you probably won’t have problems.

There are those who disagree, most pertinently Norton’s antivirus, who cite a statement Apple made way back in 2002 that their computers needed antivirus software!

The thing is, Apple’s can get viruses. However, these are usually the result of irresponsible user behaviour. If you download something from a dodgy website, or accidentally download something due to invasive adverts on a dodgy website, you’re still safe. But, if you decide to open the file, and click past Apple’s warning, you’re on your own. People do it! If you’re smart, you won’t have a problem though.

One thing to keep in mind is that viruses are far from the only security threat to internet users. Hackers can work to access your information. For this sort of problem, you’ll need a VPN for Mac. Apple does indeed advocate responsible online habits.

2. It’s software is lightweight

You know the beachball of death? The sign that an Apple computer is stuck. That’s not supposed to happen! At least that’s what most Macbook users believe. I know that it’s impossible for it always to work perfectly, but in my experience, it’s external software that slows down a Mac. Microsoft Office is notoriously “heavy” on processing (it’s also expensive). It’s hard to say why it needs to be, in a world in which Google Docs does it all online without any big software packages. Apple’s office package is relatively lightweight (which Microsoft once used as an insult!) and is included for free. Its programs load quickly and rarely give you a beachball of death. Programs like Skype, however, are slow and laborious. Their Windows software might well be more efficient.

3. The trackpad is incredibly useful

When I bought my Macbook, I bought a very expensive Apple mouse with it (one of the reasons people hate Apple – their overpriced extras!). I needn’t have bothered. Apple’s trackpad is much more useful than a mouse. It had been using effective haptic feedback long before they brought it to the iPhone 6S. You can do everything with that trackpad, with varying levels of pressure. For example, lightly tapping on the trackpad over a word brings up the dictionary definition, thesaurus, and Wikipedia articles. That’s just one of many innovative ways the trackpad uses your input. When you get a Macbook, it’s worth taking the time to learn everything the trackpad can do. It makes your machine more user-friendly than any other.

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