SaruTobi App – The monkey from Apple

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Mandelduck Ltd has released a retro-style iOS game that gives players the opportunity to play with real bitcoins. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

SaruTobi is a kind of platforming game in the style of traditional Nintendo and Sega side-scrolling games. The monkey Tobi hops, slides, and rushes through a jungle, while synth music plays in the background. Part of the fun involves Tobi swinging through the air using vines, where he can collect money. Unlike all other apps, this money is real. At the very least, it is played with bitcoins, which can either be used to buy tools like a jetpack or save them for a payout.

The game is quite good, which is perhaps due to the fact that the developer Christian Moss wanted to program a game and only then thought it would be a fun idea to use bitcoins as a currency. The transparency of the blockchain makes it possible to see how many transactions have gone through SaruTobi. In total, nearly 50,000 transactions were processed through them. Very impressive.

In-game currencies or tokens are often cited as a big one to spend digital currencies and bitcoins on. These currencies also have the extra bonus not only for the game itself but they are starting to be used in many facets of everyday life in place of local currencies.
The focus of the game is not to get bitcoins, but bitcoin is considered as a way to reward players for using the game. Bitcoin is also perfect for international use because it has become a global currency already. Like other Bitcoin games that are specifically designed for players using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, SaruTobi uses micro-transactions to elicit small amounts of Bitcoin. There is a lot to read about using bitcoin in online games at the bitcoin casino blog.

SaruTobi is crossed with the popular game Spells of Genesis (SoG) and uses some Spells of Genesis blockchain cards as powerups – which are stored in the IndieSquare wallet. It and can be used in either game. Spells of Genesis is also a cute mobile fantasy game, with combines the elements of gameplay from trading card games and arcade games.

This game is quite addictive and free. Sarutobi is Japanese for “Fly, Monkey!“ you can collect bitcoins, which can be used to buy power-ups. For example, feathers, gliders and rockets, which will help you increase your maximum score and compete with your friends.

If the players actually get free Bitcoin, the amount is however very small and insignificant. You need a little patience because it takes a very long time to collect enough bananas to get rewards for it. It is certainly a great way to get pass the time, wherever you are. The quintessence is that SaruTobi is a good app to play for a few minutes, but if you want to collect many free Bitcoins, it will take you a long time. If you are curious, you can download it on your mobile phone and try it out. It is worthwhile, especially for fans of vintage graphics.

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