How Google’s Tez Payments App Can Surprise Everyone


Did you know Google is all set to revolutionize the Indian payment market by launching Tez, its payment app. It has been built to support the UPI (unified payment interface) system which includes more than 50 banks. This means that when you make a transaction with Tez, it goes directly from bank to bank. There is no need to store money in your Tez account to make a transaction, provided you have linked your account with it.

Tez has been built with an amazing cash mode, which allows you to bring two phones together and click the ‘pay’ button or ‘request’ button to pay. Google uses new technology called AQR (audio QR) for this process to ensure the process is seamless, imagine you can actually use AQR to actually transact large amounts of money, which was not possible before. On a side note, you must also check out these mobile apps that you definitely must have on your phone.


One of the biggest features of Tez is that it supports many Indian languages such as, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi which would make this app widely used by people who are not very well versant in English.


Tez uses the phones’ patterns, passwords, fingerprints etc. for security but if that doesn’t fit your needs, you can use the google pin for security as well. This not only makes your transactions secure but also simple.

iOS and Android friendly

Googles Tez is available on both Android and iPhones which means transactions can happen between iOS and Android now. You must know there are very few apps which allow cross platform connection as many of them are exclusive to one platform or the other and that’s not all, Tez supports older versions of Android such as Android Lollipop or 5.0 too.

Safety from cyber theft

Google’s Tez comes with Tez shield which protects the user’s account from cyber theft and fraud as it verifies your ID each time you make a transaction. Tez offers 24/7 customer care and requires a UPI pin or google pin for all transactions.


Transactions on Tez occur in a chat format, which means you can communicate with the seller or the buyer who has the app. If you have bought shoes from a shop which supports Tez, you might get acknowledgement letters from the seller. With possibilities of so many kinds of communications between the sellers and buyers, it’s a must-have payment app for everyone.


Google’s Tez is currently supported by many major brands in India such as DishTV, Dominos, Red bus, PVR, Jet Airways, etc. These companies are supporting it right from the start, so think what would happen one year down the line when so many more companies would’ve come on board. The ease of use, access to information in one’s native language, safety, security and the trust that Google offers to its users will make it the fastest online payment app for the Indian market.

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