New Emojis Announced by Apple in their New iOS 11.1

Apple EmojiApple has announced the introduction of over 30 new emoji with their iOS future update 11.1.

When comparing iOS to Android, Oreo version of Android has equivalent characters. However, not many Android users have access to the new version of it. However, developers are now trying to build support for these emojis for old Android users too. Apple, on the other hand, has announced the emojis but has not exactly given out the release date of iOS 11.1 or on its other devices.

Below mentioned is the list of the new emojis that Apple has added to their list:

Animal Section has giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, a Brachiosaurus, and cricket/grasshopper.


Clothing Section has autumn and winter. They have also added emoji for cold season with gloves, a trenchcoat, a scarf, and a baseball cap.


Food Section got a Chinese takeout box emoji with broccoli and a pie.


Multipe Skin tones for emojis introduced.


A new Orange Heart adds to the list.


Some mythical emojis added to like Dracula, Peterpan, Mermaid, etc., to name a few.


New Smileys join the current array of funny ones.


Sports Section gets rock climbing. Spa and Wellness fans get their emojis too.


Finally, the most important one on the lot is the new emoji for “I Love You” (American Sign Language) which is not to be confused with the metal horns character. It’s one of the most meaningful additions for ASL users, pending to be added for years.