Are Mobile Slots Set to Continue to Dominate?

In the world of mobile gaming, there are more choices available for gamers than ever before, with options ranging from soccer simulation games, remakes of classic platform titles like Super Mario Run, and games leaping on current technological advances like Pokemon Go, which is still very much bringing the world of augmented reality to the forefront of gaming.

The sheer popularity of these games and games like these is one of the reasons why we review such a huge range of games for mobile gaming fans, like League of Defenders, but there is one particular genre of gaming that seems to be rapidly increasing in popularity on mobile platforms: mobile slots.

Slotting in Nicely

The appeal behind certain types of games is obvious. Take MMO games as an example. The social, open ended appeal of the games here makes them popular amongst gamers, whilst the appeal of games like Super Mario Run is the draw to a character who instigates feelings of nostalgia. The appeal of mobile slot games is, however, altogether different.

If you look at the Best Slots Apps 2017 you will see that the range of providers and the range of slots games has never been greater – and the offers for those wanting to try them out have never been as populous either, sparking the appearance of review sites which help gamers find the most suitbale site for their needs. This has been reflected in the recent changes that have seen Google Play relax its rules on how easy it is to download iGaming apps from the Google Play store, with more and more gamers keen to do this and Google realizing that it was failing to respond to the desires of its customers by not enabling it easily.

What is Driving Slots’ Popularity?


Clearly the demand is there for slot games in 2017, but the question is: what is helping to increase the interest in a type of gaming that didn’t seem to be so appealing when constricted to desktop? Well, the world of mobile slot gaming has brought gamers almost an unlimited choice of themes, and it helps that there are plenty of opportunities on mobile online slot sites to try out a game before risking your hard-earned cash. Indeed, with titles as diverse as ones focusing on koi carp to the rock band Motorhead, there are more and more games out there to appeal to pretty much anyone and everyone who fancies playing.

The other undeniable factor is how easy slot games are to play. Whilst some demand some practice, such as blackjack and poker, in order to get full enjoyment, mobile slots really don’t place such demands on their players. They are perfect for moments of escapism, rather than sustained spells concentrating, which fits neatly with the mobile format. With this trend looking fully established in 2017, it is only likely to continue as new models of smartphones (including the new, exciting iPhone X) emerge onto the market, helping to introduce new technologies that boost the offerings coming from slot providers.

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