iPhone X Is A Technology Marvel – All Screen, No Home Button

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The final showdown of the Apple event has finally made everyone pop their eyes out. The new iPhone X marks the evolution of iPhone through the decade. 10 years of tech development and what we get is an amazing phone in our hands. iPhone X is an extremely dramatic phone, and sports a great front and back glass body. Apple claims that, the glass body is tougher and more durable. Surgical grade stainless steel is used in constructing iPhone X. Though the new phone comes in colors i.e. space gray and silver. It has the same feature like the newly released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which states that it is water and dust resistant.

When we said that there were leaks, claiming that the new iPhone X won’t have touch ID, we were right. Instead, the Face ID will be the new security pass in iPhone X. Siri will be activated just by saying ‘Hey Siri’, or even pressing the side button will work. iPhone X won’t have home button as the whole screen will be occupied by the display. To close any App on the device, you will just have to swipe up. Easy as that. The level of technology Apple has put into making iPhone X is just marvelous.


The Face ID feature will be able to recognize your face from all the angles and it isn’t even susceptible to security threats, because only you will be able to open your phone. The chances that somebody else will try to open your iPhone X using his face, is one in a million. This Face ID feature will let you pay through Apple Pay and it even detects your face to create personalized animated emojis.

Another great achievement is the bezel less screen of iPhone X. Edge to edge display provides a breakthrough in smartphone technology. The OLED display of iPhone X is given the name Super Retina Display. We already know that Apple pays a lot to the OLED display providers to get hold of them.

The camera is another level of wonder, with a 12 megapixel sensor and dual lenses. The camera boasts deeper pixels and faster sensors. Another feature which is to be seen even in iPhone 8 plus, is the portrait lighting feature. It sets the light effects in real time. You can’t call it a filter as it fixes the lighting issue at an instance. Even portrait mode and portrait lighting will be available for the front camera too.


Another great news is that the newly launched iPhones will support wireless charging. But here is the catch, another convenient charging option is an accessory called Air Power. It will be a larger platform and will give you the convenience of charging your iPhone, Apple Watch and even the Air Pods at the same given time.

The new iPhone X will be available at a whopping price range of $999 for the 64GB version and will have other price ranges for other options till 256GB. The sales will begin on November 3rd and pre-orders of iPhone X can be done, starting October 27.

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