Google Teaming With Xiaomi To Resurrect Android One

Xiaomi-Mi-5X-7 1

After its failed efforts to make Android One, mainstream, Google have not lost hopes. Google, is now teaming up with Xiaomi, the Chinese phone maker. Xiaomi has proved to be yet another brand which proved its worth in the market, with great phones at a cheaper rate. Google started their Android One programme three years ago. Since a year, all we thought was that this initiative was down the hill, but Google has surprised us with its new tie up, introducing Android One, to Xiaomi phones. The last we heard of, was that Android One was introduced to Micromax, yet another Indian phone maker, with its Phone, Micromax A1. And eventually after three years, Google is back with Mi A1.

The main goal behind Google’s action is that, Xiaomi has become the no. 2 seller of smartphones in India, and this will give a boost to the sale of Mi phones. In a media event, where Google executives and Xiaomi chiefs, which was held in Delhi, the new Xiaomi smartphone was unveiled. The Mi A1 is priced at a rate of Rs. 14,999 ($235). It was also revealed that, the new smartphones will be released in various countries, including, Russia, India, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico and Singapore.

Google claims that it never dropped down the Android One programme, and was working on the same, to emerge more successful. The aim to provide better phones at a low rate and backed up with updated technology, led Google to team up with Xiaomi. Mi A1 is just the beginning, and we are not sure how many smartphones, Google will shelter under its roof. We are unsure of the future of Mi A1, but this mid priced smartphone is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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