Google Redesigns And Simplifies Its Dashboard

google dashboard

Google published a post, which stated that it will be making drastic changes to the main user dashboard. It was launched in 2009, and Google claims that they renewed the whole dashboard from top to bottom, for a better user experience. There have been many complaints from the users, about the privacy issue they face while using Google. Google’s new rolled out plan lets the user remove data they don’t want to be associated with their use or their accounts. Users can also have a look at which Apps uses your data. Google had made its working user friendly.

The previous version of the dashboard was too tedious to handle and not this data friendly. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. But the new version which will be coming in some days will be far different from the previous version.

Google have made an extensive search and study on its privacy. It conducted an interview back in 2016, including around 4000 people to understand what’s better for the customers.

Also, Google Takeout, which is a tool for exporting one’s data from google to other sources, reached a new level. With more than 1 million exports per month, it saw an unexpected growth. Google is making itself more and more user friendly, making itself still the top player in the market.

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