Google Discloses Top ‘How To’ Searches

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‘How To’ searches are the most popular search items on Google. We all  have been there, done that. Many a times we have landed into situations, where we don’t want to use our brains, like literally and opt for Google’s help instead. We don’t know what all petty things people ask on Google and many of those, are just plain ‘How To’ questions. Google, how to cook a steak? Google, how to sing? What?

Google’s News Lab and data journalist Xaquín González Veira, have recently published a data visualization site. This site, shows data of ‘How To’ searches around the world. Some of the most popular ‘How To’ searches, are arranged in an interactive graphic space on the site, where you can see the search difference, according to various regions. You just need to type in the country’s name you wish to see, and voila you get immediate results.

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The site made is very  much interesting, and to our surprise, people have had made some very non necessary searches. If you want a light bulb to be fixed, it clearly needs a professional, but Google has the answers for that too. Just how experimenting people can be, is clearly seen on the given site. Some of the various ‘How To’ searches, include, ‘How to boil an egg?’, ‘How to make pancakes?’, ‘How to make money?’ Just take a look at the site, and you would be thrilled to see how vivid people can be. This extensive study might also help see behaviour pattern of different people. Check out the site here.

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