Google May Buy HTC’s Smartphone Section

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HTC is now on Google’s radar. According to new reports by a Taiwanese news site, Commercial Times, Google is on the final stage of buying HTC or maybe just some sections of it. Some news emerged earlier which claimed that HTC may put out some of its sections for sale. And this news is the outcome of the previous news which may in fact, be the truth. It is not yet clear, as to how much part of HTC Google may buy. HTC was once one of the leading smartphone makers in the American market and now it is having troubles with the smartphone sales. It’s Virtual Reality Headsets is too not faring so well.

Looking into the situation, Google may have the perfect opportunity to declare its dominance in the smartphone section. Google Pixel was one of the stepping stones for Google, but it didn’t quite made the mark. Google never bought the phone company before, though it got the acquisition of Motorola mobility, it never bought the company as the deal went sour and Motorola was sold to Lenovo. But the past is past. Google, with its new tech may release Pixel 2, which we think the new Google phone will be named. It may well, rely on HTC for developing the new phone. With Google’s Android One and this shocking news at our hands, it is surely to give some competition to other phone makers.   

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