The Evolution of Gaming on the iPhone

Super Mario RunWhen you think of the ultimate gaming phone, it’s no secret that most people tend to think of an iPhone. The reason for this is simple: not only are iPhones the recipient of an awful lot of gaming releases (the recent Super Mario Run game was released on iPhone well in advance of its release date on Android), but the iPhone is just so user-friendly, one factor in it being named the world’s most popular smartphone in 2016. This popularity means that software developers know they can reach a huge audience if they develop a game that fits the functionality and features of the iPhone.

While the gaming capabilities on an iPhone are a key component of why the smartphone is a success, the broader question is why the world of gaming has changed so dramatically that we are seeing more and more players shifting to the world of mobile gaming, rather than enjoying console or PC gaming.

Not just a Flash in the Pan

In the past, Apple was derided in certain quarters for the fact it could be so difficult to use Flash on its various devices. Indeed, there are articles on the internet telling iPhone users how to get hold of Flash and all the advantages it brings, but this is now almost irrelevant, as HTML5 has (largely because of the popularity of the iPhone) been helping to make Flash redundant. Fast forward to 2017 and the world of mobile gaming means that games are now being specifically designed to work for Safari and other Apple-focused mobile browsers.

What this clearly shows is that the iPhone has changed the way we do gaming. Now, the power-hungry, one size fits all model of Flash is not at the very forefront of mobile gaming but is now viewed, at least partially, as an outdated name from the past. This trend can be seen across a plethora of gaming options, even with more cutting-edge gaming options like live dealer roulette at William Hill, where gamers are able to play games on their smartphone that previously they may have needed a PC for due to graphics requirements. It also, of course, helps that nowadays 3G and 4G connections make it straightforward to play games on the go, making gaming on a smartphone as enjoyable as on a PC or console.

HTML 5 Stickers

Looking to the Future

With more and more gamers likely to help generate more revenue from the diverse and growing mobile gaming landscape, Apple and the iPhone look likely to continue to dominate the world of mobile gaming, continuing to drive forward change and innovation in one of the most forward-thinking sectors imaginable. With games like live dealer roulette and others still enjoyed not just as apps but on mobile browsers too, the world of app gaming is only going to continue to be significantly improved by its competition with mobile browser gaming, a battle where there is really only one real winner: the gaming consumer.

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