Big Reveals From Apple’s iPhone X

face-id-set-up-ios-11 1

We just got a lot of revelations at our hands, just before the big showdown of iPhone X. Yes, the new Apple iPhone which is going to be launched on September 12th, is named iPhone X. Amongst the confusion as to what the new iPhone will be named, iPhone X seems legit, as it marks the tenth anniversary of iPhone. The newly revealed information is due to the new leaked iOS 11 software. The final version of the iOS software is called the iOS 11 Golden Master, because everything has to be dramatic eh! It is like a series of big reveals happening before the grand reveal.

We already had a whiff that iPhone 8 or now iPhone X will be having a face recognition system, instead of a Touch ID as a replacement, but what came as a big reveal is the functions of the Face ID. It will not be used just for security purpose but it can be also used for making payments through Apple Pay. Amazing right?

iphone-x-ios-leak-01-480x320 2

What came is a total refreshment are the Animoji’s. An animoji will be an animated emoji. The cute emojis will be the outcome of the face recognition system used to create personalized 3D emojis. There will be a huge range of emojis just based on your face. From cat, dog and poop emoji to what not. There will be also many changes regarding the status bar. Now we just can’t wait it to be 12th September, when the big reveal is scheduled.

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