Apple Needs Other iPhone 8 OLED Display Suppliers

iphone-8-curved-oled-display 1

Apparently, Apple’s iPhone 8 OLED display is much costlier than you think. Apple gets the OLED screen supplied to them, by Samsung. According to reports so far, speculations are that Samsung may be the sole supplier of OLED display for the new iPhone 8, as they make the best OLED displays. But according to some sources, Apple is totally dependent on Samsung, for the supply of OLED displays and hence leading to Samsung’s pricey demands. Samsung is having an upper hand in the scenario, and it does not shy away from demanding its own price for the OLED displays.

According to a report by analyst Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple pays approximately $120 to $130 for the OLED displays. One of the reasons why we will see a price hike in the new iPhone, is the one mentioned above. It’s attempt to change the LCD display to OLED display, is costing Apple a fortune. A note was issued to the investors, by Ming Chi Kuo, suggesting that Apple was in a tight position right now, over Samsung being the sole OLED display supplier. One of the copy was also received by AppleInsider, which stated that Samsung can bargain very high with Apple.

Another report suggests that LG is in talks over supplying OLED screens to Apple, but that will take time, as making a huge amount of OLED displays in a short span of time, given the high increase in demand, won’t be possible. LG may reach its full potential of producing OLED displays by early 2019, with initial production in small batches, during late 2018. LG has already invested around $7 billion to expand its production for OLED displays.

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