Leaked Images Of Apple TV

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For many years, Apple have had a strong foothold in the tech industry. But since Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and made it what it is now, there have been rumors of an Apple TV in the making. While many of them were positive, there have been no direct confirmation, from the representatives of Apple, over the last few years. Suddenly, there have been a buzz that some leaked images are doing the rounds of internet. These images show a blurry Apple OLED TV in the testing phase.

Though many reports over the years have stated that Apple was working on different models of Television and sacked the plans of releasing any TV because it couldn’t find any distinguish feature for its Television. The already TV clad market posed a problem for Apple and hence the action. Even though Apple made a huge name in the field of Mp3 players, smartphones and tablets, its plan of making a TV may be still on the go.

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According to the images, the Apple TV is thin and sleek, with a 60 inch screen, constituting a silver appearance. However, we can’t be sure if the image is real or not. The image can be a hoax. A fake. Maybe somebody wanted to fool the people around and photoshopped an image with the motive to gain some hype. Apple being unable to comment have made the people all more confused.

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