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Have you tried gaming-on-the-go yet? It’s one of the fastest growing pastimes trending right now, and Mr Green’s online casino app for iOS devices takes a lot of the credit for this phenomenon.

We use our mobiles phones for just about everything nowadays. Long gone are the days when they were simply a fantastic convenience for making calls while out and about. We now use them for surf the web; to take photographs, to send each other files and photos, to do our banking on-the-hoof, and now to enjoy some entertainment and have a flutter – speaking of which – if you haven’t downloaded the Mr Green iOS app, you’re missing out big time.

If you thought that gaming-on-the-go was not something that would compare kindly to playing online casinos via your laptop or tablet – think again. It’s every bit as good, and if you don’t believe it, you’ve just got to try and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. You can download the Mr Green iOS app by clicking here, where you also find the app for Android devices too.

What can you expect when you download Mr Green’s iOS app?

The first thing you need to know about Mr Green’s iOS app is how easy it makes it to play at his online casino on your mobile device. The app will automatically sense the device you are using and will adjust the width of the display to use your devices full-screen width. It means that even with smaller mobile phones, you still get a beautiful, large image.   

Scared you might not be able to play your favourite games using the iOS app? Don’t be. The vast majority of the games you find on the web based casino are available via the app too. In fact, you can play well over 200 games on the go. You can even play live roulette with live dealers right there on your mobile, while you’re out and about, travelling to and from work or whatever.  

You might be concerned about is having difficulty navigating on a small device like a mobile. That’s been thought of too. The designers of both apps (iOS and Android) have made finger-tap technology work really well with the casino. You can go anywhere you want to go with consummate ease.

The other pleasing thing is that the layout is very similar. The only real difference is that the game choices are shown vertically rather than horizontally. It’s been done because it’s so easy to scroll up and down on mobile devices. You’ll get used to the change really quickly and it doesn’t detract from enjoying the mobile gaming experience in any way.   

Dive straight into the action

You won’t want to hang about when you get onto Mr Green’s mobile online casino. The lobby area of Mr Green’s mobile casino sets the tone – a beautiful, sophisticated and plush casino. Any current mobile offers will be displayed here for you to take immediate advantage of if you so wish.

Of course, you’ll want to dive straight into the action, so you’ll be delighted with the fact that launching games is simple and fast. All you have to do is to tap once on the game you want to play and select whether you are playing for money or for free. The download is relatively fast (about 30 seconds) – not bad at all.

Should you want to add some money to your account or withdraw any winnings, its no problem. Whatever you want to do, it’s all there and all easily accessible.    

Gaming on the go is great fun. It takes all the monotony out of travelling or hanging around, away. As well as having the choice to play a plethora of games and slots, you also have an online chat facility.

Not already a mobile gamer – download the iOS app – you soon will be

Mr Green has won the mobile casino operator of the year for the second time, 2 years in succession and it’s easy to see why. If you’re not already a mobile gamer, download the app and give it a whirl. Going backwards and forwards to work has never been so enjoyable.

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