Google’s Instant Apps Now Available

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Recently it was announced that Google’s Instant Apps for Android will be now supported by around 500 million devices. What are Google’s Instant Apps exactly? Google’s Instant Apps or Android Instant Apps were in the testing phase over the past few months. Instant Apps are like the quicker and lighter version of the already available Apps in the Play Store. These Apps gets launched when you search for them in the browser and click the link which asks you to add the said lighter version of the App. You don’t necessarily need to have the App on your phone, Android Instant App doesn’t need that. The light version also does not have all the features, but just some of the features essentially necessary for the App.

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There are many perks for an Android user due to this amazing tech addition to their Smartphones. For instance, it needs less space, you can access it whenever you need it and don’t even worry about the space and battery it consumes, you don’t need to have the actual App for accessing the Instant App. Also, it takes you less time to go through all the process of opening a browser and search for the item you have been looking for. You can use the Instant App instead.

Instant Apps are currently available on Android devices running on Marshmallow (6.0), or later. They are available in around 40 countries. Also Google is working on it, expanding its availability on Android 5.0 as well.  

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