Google And Walmart Partner To Offer Voice Shopping

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Google and Walmart recently entered into a partnership to provide voice shopping, through Google Home. The Google Home gadget will be used to order hundreds of products available on Walmart through speech. It can be either one product at a time or for larger orders, one can simply add products in the cart, just by speaking. Not just that, even Google’s new shopping service, Google Express, will provide the same. So there are options for the consumer to either go through Google Express or simply through Google Home for a great shopping experience.

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Google have been pairing up with many partners, since the beginning of this year, and have introduced voice shopping earlier. But Walmart will be joining Google later this September. Some of the retailers which joined Google are, Costco, Walgreens, Petsmart etc. Earlier, Google Express charged its customers membership fees, i.e. $10 per month or $95 per year. However, it scrapped that and now will offer free delivery, as long as a customer orders products above a store’s minimum range. Google however, denied to reveal the numbers of their current scenario.

This a tough competition for Amazon, which is currently into the same game with it’s Amazon Echo. Amazon have turned into a bigger player in the game, and have been giving a hard time to Google. More and more people, search for products directly through Amazon, rather than the traditional Google way and this is a huge dent, in Google’s bonnet. With this partnership, Google just came back with a huge showdown.    

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