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With a change in the search algorithm, Google Play Store have just piqued the interest of the consumers. Well according to the new setup, Google Play Store will bifurcate, better apps from the not so better ones. There are over 3 million apps on the Google Play Store and it is very difficult for a user to find an app, which is really useful and far better than the other, or maybe the app which a user likes.

It was a pain for the users to find just the right app as well as the developers to make their app known. Enough to say that it was a nightmare for the developers to actually make their apps stand out, amongst such a huge competition. But with the new drastic change, the quality apps will be available for the users, with no difficulty.

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Google Play Store has stated out the guidelines according to which an app will be better and useful and make it up to the mark. Some of them are mere qualities of the app, like it shall load faster and crash less. Also it shall use less battery while in use. This may put many of the apps land in a soup and so will it make many apps, run for their money. The want of good quality apps in the market is on the rise, and what more is expected from the Google Play Store, than this amazing implementation.

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