Google Assistant Now Available For iOS in India, UK, Germany And France

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Google launched Google Assistant, for iOS devices way back in the United States. And now the said App will be available for iOS running devices in various other countries, namely, UK, India, France and Germany. The said App requires iOS 9.1 and above to run on an iDevice, hence it is very much available for numerous devices running on iOS including the iPad.

Google Assistant is said to give faster results and hence it boasts likely, to be a correct replacement for iOS voice search. Google Assistant had some complications whilst getting added as a widget to the home button, but however it has made changes to the same and now anyone can easily add the widget.

However there has been restrictions on the App, due to Apple’s strict policies. Google Assistant works way better in Android Phones. To keep a status of their own Assistant, Apple has carefully laid out regulations, so that Siri doesn’t get overshadowed.

The Google Assistant App works very well on the iDevices and carry out numerous tasks, excluding some. It can make calls for you, set timers and alarms and also give you scores of games. Many other countries will be added soon to the list and Google won’t be far, making its App handle more tasks.

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