Google Assistant Expands To Third-Party Speakers

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Google has taken a step ahead with its bid to be the top in the said market. Google will be expanding its market to a whole new level, with its strategy to be available on more devices, and increase its coverage. Google Assistant will not be supporting just third-party speakers but numerous appliances too and we just can’t imagine the high level of usage, this step will offer to people.

Currently, Google Assistant is available for limited devices, including Google Home, iPhones, software like Allo and Android devices, but planning to eventually increase their market, by making their software available on third-party devices, is another feather in the cap. It won’t be too risky for Google to experiment with the same, also it won’t be anything new or challenging for Google to add Google Assistant to other speakers and devices.

According to the reports, three of the said speakers will be launched this year, and hopefully, more will be announced at IFA 2017, this coming week. Google mentioned LG, and gave us assurance that Google Assistant, will come up to a whole new list of appliances. We can only imagine the convenience of it. You demanding your washing machine to wash clothes, just by a command through speech. Wonderful, ain’t it?

Google is also on a verge of barging into this competitive area, and winning it through a majority, by this action. Imagine, convenient speakers, cheaper and with good functionality. Who wouldn’t want that right?

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