Google AI Learning A New Trick

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We have come to a point where AI or Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic for us. Google have an upperhand in the current AI market and it is on the go with its extreme AI research. We were all shocked when a while ago, Google’s AI defeated the No. 1 human player in the game of Go. And now with more and amazing technology, Google has been on a verge of researching better ways to teach AI different tricks.

The new trick in hand is to teach Google AI, how to take a nap. But what is the reason behind doing that? Isn’t AI formed to take care of the work, when the actual person have gone to bed. To make the workload easier. Well, according to the researchers, the basic idea behind doing so, is to make the AI self learn. Because a self learning AI is actually a great step ahead in this field.

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The point behind the whole matter is to make the AI make its own decisions, without which it will be like a normal technology. Take an example of the self driving car, how will it be able to tackle along the traffic while driving, without making it’s own decisions? Google has again made its mark, by thinking in a varied way and we can’t wait to see the end results.

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