Flippy Knife – For iOS And Android, Flip Thy Knife

200x200bb 1Flippy Knife is a new energetic game, developed by Oleg Beresnev. A game which packs a punch and is very addictive. Sometimes you just like a game for its sheer existence, you are amazed by the creativity and ease of the game. This is exactly what Flippy Knife provides you. Hours of unstoppable fun, with a whiff of some science. The game itself states that it is a physics-based game, you will truly come to know that once you play it.

The game has a huge collection of knives to choose from and more than enough different locations to choose from. You can play the amazing game in different scenarios. The crux of the game will be the same, no matter which scenario you choose to play it in. The game is sure to get you addicted in no time.

The App is currently available for devices running on Android and iOS.

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Content And Features:

The game is easy to download and install. Even though it have been just released recently; it is gaining popularity at an amazing speed. The game starts with a ‘Ready For A Challenge’ caption at the very beginning. It further proceeds once you obviously accept the challenge. A tutorial will be shown at the very initial stage and hence you learn. Once you are well versed with your knife flipping skills, the game asks you to buy a new knife for yourself, and voila; you begin your journey. But don’t be fooled by the easiness of the game, sometimes you may get stuck and you may just want to throw that phone on someone’s head, or maybe not. Just Kidding!

The knives in the game can range from anything, cheap to expensive. You receive coins while you play the game, which can be used later for purchase. As you progress, you receive badges for your achievements and if you are amazing at your gameplay, you can grab a place for yourself on the leaderboard. This is not all, the game is quipped to make you fall in love with it, with its huge collection of knives and even better option of choosing different locations.

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Display And Functionality:

Flippy Knife  has amazing graphics, which go well along with the amazing gameplay. Flippy Knife has a great way of capturing people’s attention by using some classic graphics for the game. The game is even easier to play. It is a one tap and drag game, which just requires a finger of yours. The great sound and the colorful appeal of the game makes it even more better. The game has a hint of Samurai touch to it.

The functioning of the game is no doubt smooth. The game runs so well, to give the player an amazing user experience. The easiest part of the game is to know, how to play it. The use of physics-based gameplay is yet another, cherry on the top. At no point of time will you get bored with Flippy Knife.

The Verdict:

A great combination of ideas and creativity. The game stands out from others, due to its amazing interactive gameplay. Easy and fun. The game makes you addicted to it in no time. Lovely features and endless collection of knives is surely enough to keep a player hooked to it. Highly recommended if you are looking out for a knife simulation game.

The app is available to download on iTunes App Store for absolutely no charge.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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