Bill Ball Boll – For iOS And Android, The Revamped Tic Tac Toe

1200x630bb 1Bill Ball Boll is a new revamped version of tic tac toe, developed by Pastille, a Swedish game studio. We all love that good old game of tic  tac toe and we have all played it many a times. The Xs and Os are very much known to all. How one used to play it on a paper, with the use of pen or a pencil. Though that game would get boring at a certain point of time. Here’s where this Swedish game studio comes into the picture. Pastille have developed this never ending game of tic tac toe, known as bill ball boll, where you are in for a treat.

Beware though, the game is really addictive. It’s gameplay have been sketched out in such a way, that there’s no turning back. You will be awestruck once you start playing this amazing game.

The App is currently available for devices running on Android and iOS.

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Content And Features:

Once you install this app, you will be welcomed with a screen which says that you will either have to choose a human player or the computer to play with you. The choice is obviously yours. Next, you are greeted with nine different tic tac toe fields. Yes, the nine different games leading you to a single winning streak. You will have to win three games and connect three of the smaller games to win one big game.

The game is simple, but you have to keep your mind alert for the game to be won. You will have to look out, where you have more chances to win, rather than going after the other player. What’s more? The game is unending. You can go on and on and you can compare your scores with the other player’s scores.

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Display And Functionality:

If you expected this game to have normal Xs and Os, you are highly mistaken on that part. This game has cute little creatures, instead of Xs and Os. The game is filled with vivid colours which pops when you play and have numerous kaleidoscopic background, which keeps on changing while you play it. The game is also packed with amazing music and sounds, which erupt from the background, while you play it.

More to say, the game is made for not one age, but for every age. Be it a child or an adult. This cute and addictive, yet competitive game is for all ages to enjoy.

The Verdict:

The game is really addictive and is the best form of tic tac toe available out there in the market. No more sticking up to those boring Xs and Os. This game really have a great appeal and is really worth playing. Give it a chance and you won’t regret it.

The App is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5  

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