Apple Watch Shipments Falls Third In Line

Apple-Watch 1

Apple Watch shipments saw two competitors go ahead, with their wearable bands a the top two in the second quarter. Apple have shipped around 2.7 million Apple Watches, during the second quarter of 2017. However its huge competitors, Xiaomi and Fitbit have shipped around 3.5 million units and 3.3 million units, respectively. Apple have seen a great downfall, as in the previous quarter it was estimated that, Apple shipped around 3.8 million units. The new numbers are really low.

Apple believes that their Apple Watches will see a boost in the next quarter, as people will be more inclined towards the LTE enabled watches. The new Apple Watch will be very much convenient for the users and hence will be more in demand.

As far as the competition is concerned, even though Fitbit has gained a second position, it has seen a 34% year-by-year dip. But Xiaomi seems to be the preferable choice of the consumers. The products which come at a very pocket friendly rate and provides good results, have to be on the top of the list. But Apple believes that, with the new release of the Apple Watch, figures will change. It has been forecasted, that Apple may ship an estimated 12 million units of Apple Watch; by the end of this year.

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