The New Apple Watch May Not Rely On iPhone

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The last Apple Watch was too dependent on the iPhone. Even though the technology marvel was a really great addition to your daily life, without an iPhone it made a hell lot difference. But soon that may get over. With the current news by Bloomberg doing rounds, it have been revealed that the new Apple Watch will have it’s own cellular network. Thanks to the idea of an Apple Watch with an in-built LTE, which was well; from a helping hand by intel.

apple-watch 2

The idea may be implemented with a view to make lives easier, and we are looking forward for the same. But are we ready for it? The question remains. We know that most of us carry our phones with us, but even if you miss it someday, the new Apple Watch will not be just an accessory on your wrist. The ease of carrying your watch whenever you go out for jogging or gymming or any other task, without your iPhone will be way more convenient for the users.

We also have to lookout for the inconvenience of the Apple Watch. There may be questions raised by users, like how much space will be available, or how will be the battery life of the Apple Watch. But speculations apart, we may see the results by the end of this year.

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