Apple In Talks Of Investing $1 Billion To Original Films And TV Shows

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Apple is planning to be the new top gun in the film and television industry. The recent report by The Wall Street Journal states that, Apple is planning to invest $1 billion to have its own streaming of, original TV series and Films. The $1 billion investment clearly states that it can produce as many as 10 new shows. Apple has also hired two new extravagant people, for the upcoming venture. Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, the former presidents from Sony Pictures Television; hopped onto Apple to monitor video content production.

We can see the piqued up interest of Apple in this field, as $1 billion is a lot. However, the competition is tough. There is a huge race in this industry, and with big players like, HBO, Netflix and Amazon, in the race; it ought to get nasty. We have all seen the competition so far, with broadcasters and production houses, trying to come up with both; new and old ideas for making shows likeable by people. Reportedly, the top players have been spending a lot at this stage, whereas the $1 billion investment by Apple  seems very safe initially. HBO spent around $2 billion last year, specifically on content. Amazon on the other hand, a year before jumping into original content, spent around $1 billion in 2013. And the biggest spender, Netflix may even spend more than $6 billion this year. TV shows are expensive and each single episode of a good show can range anywhere from, $2 million to $10 million.

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Apple already has some original content of its own, namely; Carpool Karaoke and the reality show, Planet of the Apps, but it hasn’t flourished in that field, just yet. With a mixture of such investment, Apple lovers and a hit show (ought to be one), Apple will surely be successful in its  venture. Can’t hide the excitement, but just wait for it.

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