Apple Is Planning To Increase Production Of Apple AirPods


Apple AirPods have become very much popular since their release, last year. But the issue of their availability is still highly in question. The AirPods which are to be bought at a price of $159, have had a limited production. So they are highly unavailable for many people at large and with the increasing demand, Apple have decided to increase the production and shipping of the Apple AirPods.

The unique feature of the Apple AirPods is that it is a wireless earphone which consists of bluetooth and an Apple designed W 1 chip. The AirPods are also said to have infrared sensors, which detects when they are being used. Apple AirPods are unique and are a technology marvel. They are occasionally available in the Apple Online Store and sometimes with a third party.

airpod-and-stormtroop 3

Moreover, the amazing design of Apple Airpods is said to be inspired from Star Wars. The stormtroopers were a clear inspiration for the amazing outlook of the Apple AirPods. So it is only normal for the people to fall in love with AirPods. It was a mixture of new edge technology and great design, for the demand to be this high.

Tim Cook claimed that Apple is still struggling to make ends meet in the case of Apple Airpods, but he assured that the production have been increased; for the ever increasing strong demands of the Apple Airpods. So three words, ‘WAIT FOR IT’.       

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