Apple May Launch iPhone 8 By September 12

iPhone-8-UK-Release-Date-856513 1

Apple have been playing hide and seek regarding the launch of iPhone 8. Although in a recent report by French website, Mac4Ever, the date of the much awaited smartphone has been confirmed. The report mentions that, the date has been confirmed by them, through a few French telecom companies. So finally, only some weeks left for the release of iPhone 8. You can expect the Apple iPhone 8 to be launched on September 12. There have been a lot of confusion amongst the enthusiasts, that whether the iphone 8 will be launched on September 5 or September 8; as Apple have a history of announcing new iPhones in September since 2012, that too specifically on Tuesdays.

However according to previous suggestions, some said that Apple may delay the launch of iPhone 8, as they have been busy adding major tech upgrades to the phone, following the tenth anniversary of iPhones. The delay which goes upto as late as October, made people impatient, but the new reports say otherwise. Although we may not know, how much truth it holds, we are being positive with our fingers crossed. Until Apple sends press invites, we shall wait.

Again, if you are on the verge of getting a new iPhone for yourself, be patient and wait for the launch. September 12 is not so far. The preorders of iPhone 8 may start soon following the launch, i.e. by September 15, and the devices may go on sale after a week or so. Also if you are not buying an iPhone, you will still get a software update, i.e. iOS 11, which may have its final release between September 12 and September 22.

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