Apple To Not Include Touch ID in iPhone 8

apple-inc-nextgeneration-iphone-to-have-an-even-better-touch-id-sensor 1

Earlier the news stated that Apple was supposed to have a glass embedded Touch ID in the new upgraded iPhone 8, but what seems now as a major blow to the product; Apple plans to scrap the Touch ID altogether. KGI Securities’ Ming Chi-Kuo, in a report quoted that, Apple iPhone 8 will use Face Recognition for security purpose as they will be quashing out the Touch ID entirely.

as-iphone-8-facial-recognition-expected-apple-patent-describes-bringing-this-more-to-macs 2

Apple may give competition to Samsung, by implementing the Face ID. Initially the plan was to add an embedded glass Touch ID, but the plan was dropped and now the whole security concerns will be handled by a face.

The question here lies, what if Apple is betting too much on this one? What if this idea isn’t grasped by the public too well. Removing Touch ID entirely and replacing it with something new is a lot to take in. Though many may not criticise Apple’s action on this topic, but many will be skeptical. We all know that Apple is known for removing crucial technology from its products, just like the headphone jack, but enthusiasts will look at it as a positive change. And we hope that Apple provides a great experience to the users with this new addition, and yet prove its worth.     

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