Apple And Google Against The Free Speech App Called Gab

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Google banned ‘Gab’, a twitter rival and a platform for free speech, from its Play Store. Gab is an App which promotes free speech and where nothing is censored. Gab wasn’t really popular at the initial stage, but just before it got scrapped from the Play Store, it had around 200,000 users and counting. However the App is available off the charts, ie. a user can download it from the non-market sources, but barring it from the Play Store was infringement of free speech.

The spokesman of the company, Utsav Sanduja said that, “Whatever is permissible under the First Amendment is what Gab allows onto its site.” Here clearly, the First Amendment was not at all taken into course. Last year, Twitter was tangled up into its own controversy, where it was accused for the censorship of conservative voices. Taking this opportunity in hand, the founders of Gab developed this competitor, in an order to promote free speech and expression.

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Gab was not built with a view to promote violence and hatred, but it surely was not taken well by Apple and Google. Apple on the other hand did not even approve the App. That means, Gab was not even allowed to see the light of day in Apple devices. Some of the terms of Gab were not taken well by Apple.

However, Google had its own explanation for its act, which seemed pretty legit to us. The App displayed content which promoted hate speech against people and certain groups. It also showed unwanted pornograpphic content. There should be a certain moderation to the use of words, which does not affect any person in any harmful way. Apple had long ago banned the app for pornographic content, defamatory and hate speeches and eventually Google followed its steps.

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