Apple Files Patent For AR Glasses

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Augmented reality is the next big thing for Apple. Apple just keeps surprising us. Apple just got a step ahead with its Apple ARKit and now it has filed a patent for semi-transparent, augmented reality clad glasses. When we thought things could not get any better, the Tech Giant just amazed us with the new patent for AR glasses.

Surprisingly, the original patent for the AR glasses was filed by a software company named Metaio. The company was however acquired by Apple in 2015.

Even though, Apple ARKit have been a great advancement in the technology, it limits the user experience. It works well with an iPhone and iPad and uses their displays by overlaying digital information into the present surrounding.

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We all know that AR is very different from VR. They are two sides of the same coin and are really interesting to be dealt with. Virtual reality makes a subject engrossed into a different reality, virtually created by some external device, however augmented reality is different. It mixes the virtual aspect with the real world and gives the subject a serene experience.

Some might say that Google, have already experimented with their Google Glass and it didn’t work. However it is totally legit to point out that, there is always a right time for things. Google released its glasses ahead of its time and hence the results. Apple is really into the game and not planning to back out any time soon. It is deploying its way into everything possible and at its own perfect pace.

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