Apple Accused Of ‘Data Colonisation’ In India


Telecom Regulator Trai launched the Do Not Disturb App in June, in India last year. The App allows a customer to report calls from spammers and messages from the same, directly to the telecom regulator, on which further action will be taken. However, Apple have been not allowing the App to be made available on their platform. R S Sharma, the chairman of Trai, have attacked the Tech Giant. The matter have not been looked into, for a year and the frustration has come out in the form of accusations.

Apple have just been discussing the matter and never even once, tried to implement it, claims the chairman. Whereas on the other hand, Android platforms are already equipped with the Do Not Disturb App. Sharma says that, Apple is acting against the customers. He says that ‘Apple is anti-customer and not at all care for their customers, who will be saved from any such calls or messages’

Another issue persists, why is Apple not allowing the data to be owned by the customers? In the end, it is their data and it is their will to share the data with whomever they want to. Data Colonisation is where Apple is directing towards, with this action of theirs.

This is only the crux of it, though what boils inside, is what gets us worried. Apple is worried about its security and Trai about the fundamental rights being infringed.

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