Apple And Accenture In A Partnership To Develop Better Apps

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Apple’s iOS will see a new development with the current partnership announced by Apple. Apple and Accenture, a management consulting giant, are reportedly partnering, to make a better App experience for the consumers as well as the developers. The partnership’s main goal is to simplify and serve, everything related to Apps and their development, on the iOS platform.

Accenture’s chairman and CEO, Pierre Nanterme, said that it believes Apple is a better platform and superior to others, hence they are are very much excited to be partnering with them. They also believe that by using their vast source of expertise, along with Apple’s leadership in developing marvelous tech products that appeal to the customers, they will be helping the consumers with the best quality output.

Reportedly, Accenture will work with iOS all around the world, in many selected locations. These places will include experts from the Cupertino Tech giant, Apple itself, guiding the teams. These experts will be from all walks of tech development, including engineers, programmers, scientists, software designers, etc.

Apple was really a foot forward for its age. Apple released Macintosh in 1984 and have never stopped since. Accenture on the other hand, is a company, which provides a large range of services and solutions and what not. These two matching their forces won’t be less than a wonder.

You can check out the Apple-Accenture partnership here: or You can also check out the news released by Apple regarding the same, here.

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