STICKER MARKET: Emoji Keyboard – for iOS and Android

sticker market 1Sticker market: Emoji keyboard is a new app by Sticker Market, Inc. Who doesn’t like emojis right? Keeping in mind, the increase in popularity of emojis and gifs; Sticker Market, Inc. has released a new app which is actually a Keyboard app for Android as well as for iOS. Yes you heard it right, a keyboard full of face emojis (duh!), stickers and GIFs.

That’s not all, the keyboard works on all your messaging apps. Straight from Facebook and Whatsapp to Snapchat and Hike, sky is the limit. But basics first, it’s used for normal texting too.

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Content and Features.

You may have come across a lot of apps providing emojis and GIFs, but none so that provides a whole keyboard full of it. Once you install the App and sign in you get connected to the Sticker Market, and you are good to go. Just browse through the collection of stickers, GIFs & emojis and you explore another level of fun.

But there is no hassle as the app guides you through the setup process. The app is pretty light and takes less space as compared to other apps, hence it is highly recommended. Also you are the boss of your own ‘Face Emojis’. Face emoji is such an amazing feature of this app that you won’t go back once you start. You can turn your face into an emoji just by adding the provided templates to your photos. You can either choose a photo from the gallery or take one on the spot.

Another amazing feature of this app is the huge content of GIFs and stickers. Express your feelings away in numerous ways.

Sticker market 6Sticker_market_3Display and Functionality.

The Emoji Keyboard offers you a thorough customization of your keyboard. You get a choice between two themes, a dark one and a light one. You are in thorough control of the default screen, key press sound, autocorrect and all the options available for customization of the keyboard.

The app looks appealing and works very smoothly without creating any problem. As it is mentioned in the earlier description, it is not just for stickers, GIFs and Emojis; but also for normal typing and texting. You can also search stickers and GIFs based on trending and what is new. The stickers, GIFs and emoji templates are mostly free, but there are some which can be bought too.

Final Verdict.

I would love to say that STICKER MARKET: Emoji Keyboard is so far a great keyboard application with many amazing features and smooth functioning. It’s light, hassle free and fun. Who wouldn’t want an all in one keyboard which provides you amazing stickers, GIFs and emojis at the same place? If your normal keyboard bothers you, opt for this amazing one instead.  

The app is available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for absolutely no charge.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5     


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